Garden Products Supply in Bright

Make your gardening experience much more enjoyable with our wide variety of quality garden products including:

  • Bagged Products: Organic potting mix, sugar cane mulch, compost mix and pea straw
  • Concrete Products and Pavers: Bagged cement, bessa blocks and a wide variety of pavers
  • Bays: Top soil, brick sand, washed sand, packing sand, road base, crushed dust, con mix, 7ml stone, 14ml stone, 20ml stone, pine bark, black mulch, eucky mulch

Garden products in Bright

  • Lawn Seed: Quick start, caravan park mix, long run fescue, landscaper, couch and more
  • Fertilisers and Weed Control: Grass master organic fertiliser, liquid root builder, seasol and charley carp just name a few
  • Weed Matting, Bird Netting and Shade Cloth: Available in different sizes and colours
  • Garden Tools: Rakes, shovels, wheel barrows and shears

Garden products in Bright

  • Irrigation and Watering Systems: Poly pipe, hoses, sprinklers and a wide range of fittings
  • Tanks, Pumps and Filtration Systems: Tanks from 1,000 – 33,000 liters, water pumps and fire pumps, a wide range of hoses and connections, water filters and treatment products

We provide a large range of garden products supply in Bright, so call us or come in for more information.